Healthy meals, sharp minds.

Providing healthy lunches for the youth of the Bow Valley.

We have exciting news – Bow Valley Gourmet will be open the first day of school! This will be Bow Valley Gourmet’s 10th year offering freshly made, affordable foods at Our Lady of the Snows. 

The start date this year will be August 31st. This will only be available to grades 7 – 12. Bow Valley Gourmet will continue to offer foods delivered to the K-6 classes with a date of service sometime in September. 

At Bow Valley Gourmet we will be now, more than ever, extremely careful with our food handling practices during this time. Bow Valley Gourmet has updated the delivery plan for the K-6 classes to ensure we remain above and beyond the requirements put in place by Alberta Health Services. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the Hot Lunch program – please do not hesitate to reach out.

Chef Mike and Bow Valley Gourmet have brought an economical and fantastic service to my children's school that has afforded the OLS community with high quality and nutritious meals kids are sure to enjoy. As a parent, it is reassuring to know my children are receiving a well balanced meal with ample portion sizes, all of which Chef Mike has carefully selected and prepared. The menu is diverse, the quality is exceptional and there are plenty of options to appease every kid's palate and dietary requirements. This meal program has made school lunches so much easier in my household and the product my kids receive is beyond what I could have expected. It's comforting to know on the cold days of our long Bow Valley winters, my kids are snuggled up to a nice, warm bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich; Fortified by their exuberant reviews of how amazing their lunch was when they get home from school. Mike and his team are a popular and endeared member of our OLS school community and I consider my family and I very fortunate to have the opportunity to take advantage of his savoury services. Chef Mike and Bow Valley Gourmet are amazing!!"
Susan Allgrove
School Meal Program